Teaser Sneak Peek on FB Private Screening!

After such an incredible day of shooting, we now have a teaser reel we believe is worthy of the Spirit of Sacajawea and this production!

At this time, we are only showing the teaser to private individuals and to investors (not for public viewing). But we will be posting it on our Facebook group “Sacajawea Private Screening” this coming TUESDAY (4-16-19).

If you are not a member, please join the group at: https://lnkd.in/gSdt_4S (requires a facebook profile) – Since it is for “Private Screenings,” you will not be able to share the video, so if you have friends who want to see this beautiful 2 1/2 minute presentation, please invite them to join us, too.

We also have information on how you, or someone you know, can become more involved in the Sacajawea production. Please feel free to connect with us on this website contact page! Let’s soar to NEW HEIGHTS! It truly is a journey of a lifetime!

Teaser Reel announcement

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