Production Team

Kaaren F. Ochoa – Director
Martin Nuza – Senior Producer

John Scott – Producer/Stunt/Head Wrangler
Jhane Myers – Producer/Native Advisor
Chris Ranney – Producer

Susan K. Funk – Co-Producer/Native Advisor
Ron Weisberg – Co-Producer

Leo T. Ariwite – Associate Producer/Shoshoni Advisor
Randy Hillman – Associate Producer, Financial Development/Special Projects
Blaine C. Ginther – Associate Producer, Financial Development/Historical Research

Jane L. Fitzpatrick – Writer/Executive Producer

Robert Shacklady – Cinematographer
Wendy Partridge – Costume Designer
Cathy Smith – Costume Designer (Indigenous)
Ronald Owen – Composer, Music Head
Richard King – Senior Recording Engineer

Sacajawea, The Windcatcher Teaser Reel – “The Shell”

NOTE: Our teaser reel is not the film’s trailer. It was created to promote the essence of the project to investors with the understanding it is not authentic. The actual film production will present authenticity and accuracy of regalia, languages, etc. for the actual time period in 1805.