It is with humble gratitude and respect that we can now share with the public this powerful endorsement from Sacajawea’s own people. In fact, from a direct descendant of Sacajawea, Leo T. Ariwite, Shoshoni liaison, adviser and associate producer of the Sacajawea Film. Leo has been involved in the production since 2004. He has encouraged, supported and inspired authenticity and accuracy as we have walked the journey for these many years. We thank Leo so very, very much.

In addition, because this story brings two worlds together, and the fact that the men of the expedition wrote in their journals about Sacajawea, which gave us a picture of her character and her life that we would not have had, otherwise, we want to also include the endorsements from David Borlaug, president of the Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation, and Landon Jones, Lewis & Clark author and historian.

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