Marcia and Jane 2018
Artist, Marcia K. Moore (right) and Writer, Jane L. Fitzpatrick (left)

As the creative team for Sacajawea, The Windcatcher, we had the most exquisite few days together. Our spirits blended as one as we created an incredible visual feast.

As a writer, I cannot express how grateful and deeply thankful I am that Marcia truly “SEES” Sacajawea, the strength of HER message, the Universal purpose of HER life and the compelling and timely unfolding of HER destiny. This is all I have ever wanted for Sacajawea, as she has gone to great lengths to awaken us to HER love.

Thank you, Marcia K. Moore, for your powerful abilities as an artist and your sincerity and strength as a person. Let us walk forward! 

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