Let us each be a Symbol of Peace for the world.

Sacajawea symbol of peace

The spelling (and meaning) of Sacajawea’s name is controversial. In honoring her Shoshoni people, we have written her name with a “j” in the screenplay, SACAJAWEA, The Windcatcher – for it is her story through her eyes.

Historians record through the Lewis & Clark journals and some Hidatsa people, that the correct spelling is with a “g” – Sacagawea, which means “Bird Woman” in Hidatsa. And there are other spellings, as well, like Sakakawea.

We believe our mission is to bring people together around the person of Sacag(j)awea. It is our passion to celebrate her life. Therefore, we have created a logo that we hope becomes a “Symbol of Peace.” Using the medicine wheel representing all races for the bowl of the “g” and red feathers for the “j” representing the vermillion Sacajawea wore for peace and the struggle indigenous women face around the world, we have created a powerful, unifying symbol that embraces us all.

The words of Sacajawea’s story compel us to open our hearts, enhanced by the magnificent artwork by Marcia K Moore and the meaningful and creative design of the red feather by Shawna Neece Fitzpatrick. This dynamic symbol of the “g-j” represents a collaboration of women and we believe it will ignite Sacajawea’s spiritual purpose to soar on eagle’s wings around the world.

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