One Woman’s Life

the river June 2019

What will you do in your life? Will you just exist day to day or will you venture out, being a watcher of your heart? What do know, what is written there that you cannot ignore? And are you willing to go the distance?

Sacajawea, The Windcatcher is a journey of one woman’s life, yet as watchers of Sacajawea’s life, we bring her journey to ourselves.

She walked, she talked, she sang, she prayed on smoke to the Great Father. She knew joy and she knew pain… indeed, she had a dream written on her heart that she could see.

Over the last 31 years, I have visited many places where she had been, and I have felt her spirit with me. From Three Forks, MT, where she was kidnapped, to the Hidatsa village site in North Dakota, where cranes danced above my head, to the Oregon beaches where she saw a great whale and sent her prayers to every shore.

Take the visual journey of the places she has been, and as you see each photo, be a watcher of her dream. This is to be an epic film about a brief moment of time in the life of this soul who lived. Yes, she lived and loved… and had a dream we are making real.


CLICK to see the images of her walk:

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2 Replies to “One Woman’s Life”

  1. This young Native girl was not on a glory trip. She was not on vacation. She had been kidnapped, brutally treated and was enslaved, and raped producing a child along the way. She was used as an interpreter, cook, maid, snd whatever those men felt they needed from her. This was not a glory trip for her.


    1. No, it certainly was not a glory trip. And, I believe she knew something in her spirit that transcended her circumstances. I believe she has a message to share with our world. Her life had purpose and meaning, and her energy, vibration and love are still unstoppable. We are committed to sharing her story in a most authentic and accurate way and honoring her relevance for today. Thank you, Carole. Jane


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